If someone were to ask me my top three favorite things, I’d say they were (in no particular order):

  1. Videos of baby goats
  2. A song lyric that fits a mood so perfectly it hurts
  3. Dresses with pockets

Can anyone disagree? Yeah…I didn’t think so.

While I’d be beyond psyched to…

“How would you like us to prepare your placenta?” My midwife asked as I grew closer and closer to delivering my first daughter.

Let me back up. Never did I intend to have a midwife. Nor did I have any desire to birth my babies at home. Was I even…

How happy that someone finally created a girls bathroom where not even walls exist to stifle any gossip between friends. But, how sad when two girlfriends skip in to pee together and one can’t sit because there’s masking tape on the seat… Plus, she has no toilet paper

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I’ve been trying really hard not to add to all the noise surrounding the political events of the last week, but I can’t take it anymore! It’s all weighing too heavy on my heart not to write about it. Yes, his #MuslimBan is awful. It goes against everything this country…

Chelsea Walker Flagg

Mama, author, singer, and lover of all things random. Not afraid to drink pickle juice straight out of the jar

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